It's good to know that Viper has good intentions, but that isn't always enough. Viper was asked what are they going to do to remedy the bad behavior that has taken place over the last few weeks but as per the official statement it looks like a discussion is all that will take place. Is it possible that one of the problems could be one of the volunteer directors?Also, there are more than 1-3 bad apples in the organization, if that were the case it would be easy to remedy the situation via some type of suspension or by removing them from the organization completely. It should also be noted that almost every post by a Viper, no matter how even handed they try to be, ultimately ends up blaming the other guy. In my opinion It is quite obvious that there is a problem accepting responsibility for their own actions. The only thing that Viper can control is themselves. Needless to say I'm sure that there are many good people within the organization that are being lumped in with the bad eggs and it is unfortunate.