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The other teams and ages seem to do fine with no issues.

Not sure what the story is at the JV level. I know they have a great player who eventually starts getting cheap shots from the D in an effort to slow him down. That much I've seen. And I've heard parents yelling to their kids to "take him out" and "light him up" etc. I have not witnessed brawls or the other things mentioned, but it isnlt hard to imagine that the nonsense starts boiling over.

On the other hand, there are one or two people on here with an axe to grind, and will take every opportunity to invent issues and revisit problems they alone raised. Even to the point Cage had to step in. I guess this is the next installment.
BOTC has a call into a representative from the Viper Lacrosse program for commentary on the litany of issues that have been brought up this Spring/Summer season regarding the entire program.

There does not seem to be any denying the fact that there was some type of altercation including players from the Viper JV program.

Our question will be which players have been suspended for the remainder of the season and/or next several games. Further, if the team has an insufficient number of players as a result, will the team withdraw?

BOTC believes that the situation should be treated as seriously as if this were a High School Varsity violation.