What happened at the Pride Fest between the Viper Team and the Turf Island team was unfortunate. Its also unfortunate how parents react on the sidelines also. And you know the kids hear it on the field. My son who is a member of the 7/8 team played on Sat and against one team I heared parents yelling lay him out. Why would a parent say that? Is that what they teach kids these days. One of our kids took a cross check to the neck area and the parent was yelling nice hit while the kid was on the floor. Someone said are you serious and he was like he was going for the ball. It ws a legal hit. Someone else asked what if that was your kid and he went silent.Its crazy. I like physical play but thats uncalled for.
I heard about the story from several people about the cheap shot. I know I'm from Viper but I'm not in any way choosing sides. I wasn't there. I might be a little off. Correct me if I'm wrong. It was because the Viper kid won the face off and the Turf Island kid grabbed his stick then grabbed his legs. Their was no call at that point so the Viper kid slashed his head(That's uncalled for in any case) then the Turf Island wing ran across and jumped on the kids back and that's when the fighting and all [lacrosse] broke out. During the fighting I heard that a Turf Island parent was punching a 15 year old in the back of the head. At that point the parents started to fight.
I'm not sure what is happening to the kid that started the fight but I know that's not what we preach from our organization. Viper is an Non Profit organization that give kids who can't afford some of the other organization fees a place to play travel ball. I've had nothing but good experiences from my sons 3 years playing for them. So please don't bad mouth an organization if you don't know anything about them.
And the red solo cups are everywhere at Lacrosse Tournaments. Wake up and look around and you will realize its not just the Viper parents.