Dear Readers : After an internal review and discussion within the Bethpage Viper program, below you will find their formal statement.

Originally Posted by Statement from Bethpage Viper Representative
I am the volunteer business director for Viper Lacrosse. We appreciate the prior post (verified by Cagesage) of an independent observer who stated that some parents on both sides may have gotten out of control.

Here is our only stance- Viper encourages proper behavior both on and off the field-period.

All of the volunteer directors and all of the coaches try very, very hard to relay this message to all parents and players. At times, in heated play, it is sometimes hard for individuals, on both sides of play, to stay in control. Our rapidly growing program now has over 120 players with over 200 parents and guardians…as with all teams..out of the 300 plus outstanding individuals participating with Viper Lacrosse, sometimes we need to remind 1 -3 parents or players that this is a game....and it is simply unacceptable to get out of control. I assure all that we do not let any situation go forward unaddressed.

In very difficult economic times we give all families access to a low cost, high-quality program…in addition, we are a true non-profit with 100% volunteer directors and many of our senior coaches volunteer their time.…. we know that we are honoring this game.

I responded to this since Cagesage identified a reliable, independent witness …. I cannot and will not respond to any anonymous posts or anonymous slurs.

Finally, to families on both sides of play on all teams, please continue to encourage proper behavior at all times.

Thank you, GM-Volunteer Business Director-Viper Lacrosse