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Maybe better to hold back in 5th grade before earning a reputation, see saga of NC twins above, then to double up 8th grade. For the other players, league integrity and fairness probably best to hold back at 8th grade. Physical difference between 9th and 8th less pronounced then between 7th and 6th I would bet. So if we are going to have grade based play, I would say best to holdback a player repeating 8th grade. Maybe younger then 8th grade you should play on the Sept 1st grade you would be normally assigned.
Aged based on Sept 1st cutoff would solve all problems with junior year high school being repeatable, for those who holdback. Most kids would play on age and grade except for their junior year in high school when there would be a few holdbacks coming onto teams.

Just shut up about this crap. People are not holding kids back for the sole purpose of girls lacrosse. Period!!! Does that say that NO one has or would? Not at all. Does it mean that a kid that's older and bigger will not perform...sure. But this constant banter, making it sound as if it is prevalent, is baloney. If a kid is struggling in school or is transferring in from a different system, that does not constitute holding a kid back for "lacrosse purposes".

And honestly, what is your point? That someone is better than your kid or they beat your team with a "holdback"? Did someone steal playing time from your kid? This thread is getting pitiful with your refusing to be wrong with this sad saga.

It's girls lacrosse. Get over yourselves.