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For a club that is “more focused on the fundamentals than on wins and losses” just be careful what you ask for. This is a club that is actively recruiting players from other teams at “clinics” and making offers and forcing acceptance from girls before tryouts even happen. This isn’t fair to the girls like my D who are currently on the team and not really on the up and up as many of the other girls are still currently playing for their clubs. As you get older this continues with them bringing in girls from out of state at the expense of girls on the team... so imho... they are all about the win at the cost of the player.

But good luck!

Please take everything you read on this site with a grain of salt. Sky Walkers attempts to be competitive in every age group just like M&D and Hero's. When you tryout for these clubs, you have to know that:
1. There is no guarantee for playing time. Sky Walkers is looking to develop talent. No incentive to improve when equal playing time rules are instituted. You work hard and earn playing time. That is how it will be when you are in high school and college. This is also explained thoroughly at the try outs.
2. Your position on the team is not guaranteed. You may not start, you could be moved to the white team, or you may not even make the team during the next tryouts. That is a reality.

This is the method for developing talent and is not incompatible with what I stated earlier. You have to realize that you've probably put your daughter in the wrong situation--that's what is not fair. The winning formula for your daughter involves finding the club that matches her abilities/potential. Don't try to change a club's philosophy to meet your daughter's needs--it won't happen.

Sky Walkers is more focused on the fundamentals than on wins and losses. A constant infusion of the most talented players possible makes developing high level players much more attainable.

To those interested in Sky Walkers, we'll be at the Mid-Atlantic Showcase. Stop by our tent and talk to our parents and get their opinion first hand. We don't bite I promise. Feel free to come out to a practice and watch for yourselves. Just don't believe everything your read on this site.

It's pretty tacky that SW is emailing invitations to other girls in the local community who play for other clubs and inviting them personally to tryout for SW and promising them a spot on the team. This seems like a desperate attempt to win at all costs to me. Choose wisely. It may seem flattering for you or your child if you are receiving this invitation but don't think for one minute that they will not hesitate to recruit to replace your child in future seasons.