Here is a piece of unsolicited advice for the administration of M&D .... since you don't seem to believe your team parents that are complaining to you -you should come watch every M&D team that has a parent coach in this final tournament. Bring a clipboard and track how much playing time daughters of coaches and assistant coaches are getting. And then ask yourself: Should that player be starting ? And starting every game ? Should that player be in the ENTIRE game ? What are they accomplishing while they are in the game ? Are they scoring or turning the ball over or missing easy shots ? Are they getting consistently burned on defense ? And most importantly - Who is on the bench while they are in the entire game ? Are the girls on the bench players that could be contributing and changing the outcome of the game ? And are the girls sitting on the bench so that the coach's daughter can play either the entire game or 90% of it ? Please take an honest look at those questions.

If you don't - you while keep finding your players at clinics at Skywalkers and Coppermine and at early tryouts at Heros and Skywalkers.

And my unsolicited advice extends to parents from other clubs considering M&D (or any other club team with parent coaches). Go and watch and see what level the daughters of coaches are and where they fall on the roster and then compare that to the amount of playing time they get and what they do while they're playing. Most times you'll be concerned by what you see.