Dear 25 Black parent.... Don't get defensive. I think we all agree that the 25 black coach is a good coach and one of the most credentialed around. And if she were at another club getting to each championship would be considered a success. But you're at M&D. They self proclaim to be the best - so expectations are high.

As a parent on a competing team .... I would be concerned that even though your team is making championships they're not finishing. And yes you beat skuwalkers by 16 but that was 2.5 months ago. They've improved - your team is stagnating. You only tied skywalkers last weekend, You've lost to YJ each time, your team keeps missing out on NGLL championships, etc.. I think some of your parents are worried. It's not a personal attack. And what should be most worrisome is the number of good girls from other clubs going to skywalkers (possibly already accepting spots) and heros in your age group. Your team will stay the same while they pick up players (maybe even your own)

Let's all agree ~ No one should be calling out a coach personally - especially not one with her experience. But your team needs some juice going in to next season