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In High School grade based simply makes more sense. This thread is about 6th grade lacrosse. At this level of lacrosse development, age based palying requirements will provide a safer environment for learning. A child born in 1998 should be playing against boys his own age and not against pre-pubescent 11 year olds.

The Jesters have a 6th grade boy who I have been told is the correct age and not held back, he looks to be close to 6 feet tall my son is an average size 6th grader and about 4' 8" - for safety reason do we not allow the 6th grader to play with the smaller but same age kids? what about a very small 7th grader that is too small to play against other 7th grade kids is it OK to play down for safety reasons? I think there are always going to be huge height and weight gaps for kids born within a year anyway so keeping it too grade based seems the best to me. regardless of size I want my 6th grader playing against 6th graders not older 5th graders and next year in middle school they are all going to have to play against each other anyway.