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Thank you. I will look at these teams. Just curious any teams based out of Queens. They are all Nassau /Suffork . For my son I'm realistic he's an average player. Ive seen some of the kids who play for Express/91/ fl$ and hes not at that level since he started late.
BOTC can tell you that a lacrosse league is run out of the Alley Pond Sports Center and you might be able to call them to see what teams are involved. That might give you some ideas for the Queens area.

Generally, lacrosse in the five burroughs is restricted to High School Leagues and the club scene is much smaller than Long Island.

You can consider camps at Queens College or St. John's University. We recommend that you do your research - we mention these only because of their location in Queens and these mentions should not be taken as a recommendation (or a warning), but just a statement of what is locally available to you.