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Blatant fall jam yesterday was a joke, battle of the B's, not even the Outlaws or Rebels showed!

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If you not playing in competitive events where there is showcase opportunities, what are you doing? Otherwise it equates to a 10th year of PAL. That makes no sense to play a tourney to play at this stage of the game.

Did you tools ever think that some kids just enjoy playing the game. My non-holdback late birthday son who hasn't even turned 15 yet and has no desire to play in college enjoys playing lacrosse. If it gets him out of the house, off the computers and phones and he doesn't have the pressure of parents like you two, then so be it if its a "10th year of PAL". I guess he shouldn't have played CYO basketball either, right? probably just a waste of time. Forget the friendships that are made and sportsmanship that is learned if its not getting you looked at by college coaches.

These statements are exactly what is wrong with youth sports today. Enjoy that quarter scholarship your kid may get.

Couldn't agree more with this sentiment.
I always find it quite sad when a kid announces his lacrosse committment to some terrible D1 or D3 school. As if his parents are so focused on the status symbol of "committing" they don't really care about the quality of the school he's going to.

Its equivalent to the mid-life crisis sports car these guys are probably buying.

I'll save you guys the hassle of replying...Yes I'll have my son hit the wall. Big dog, get of the porch, etc...insert any meathead catch phrase that is routinely entered on this board when somebody had a "let the kids have fun" viewpoint.