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The cost is borderline insane. I'm just wondering from people who have been through the process.......does travel lax really matter if you want to play in college?

My son played Travel from 5-8th grades, which helped him get better compared to the other kids who just played on middle school team.
Once in High School only practiced/played with HS team. Fall of 11th grade and summer prior to 12th, he went to several Prospect days to see the schools he was interested in and did a few showcases (prospect camps were cheap). If your kid is talented, he will be noticed either from playing on HS team or at one of the camps/showcases. My son ended up committing to a D2 school that showed interest from a showcase (D2 schools can offer both academic and athletic scholarships), but unless your son plays in front of the college coaches he will be hard to find.