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The cost is borderline insane. I'm just wondering from people who have been through the process.......does travel lax really matter if you want to play in college?

Gary, for the most part, the answer to your question is yes. Playing travel lax [for the right club] has it's obvious benefits from playing against top competition, practicing more with different players and exposure to the college coaches in Team Showcases & help getting into an individual showcase in which a coach or club director/owner can play an integral role in helping a child to be brought onto a colleges radar or helping with getting them getting seen again.

Few and far between have there been recent players who have not played on a club team and were offered a scholarship to play at the college level, especially at the D1 level. (Not sure what Division you were inquiring about).

If you paid to enroll into a handful or more prospect days as they are typically only seen by that 1 institutions coaching staff in addition to enrolling into 3+ individual showcases so you can be seen by 20-40 different college coaches at each one of those but again, individual showcases can be political so getting into the stronger ones typically for D1 prospects affects your question potentially but this could be a way to get exposure and I know of only a few players who have been fortunate to get recruited this way.

I also know of those who only played with their school team and on a 'showcase team' in a few showcases and the above approach who went on to play at the DI, II & III levels. This is something I am seeing a higher trend of now due to the obvious costs some clubs charge or for peoples lack of interest for playing on a club team all year round.
Hope this helps & thanks for your support & for using your BOTC Screen Name!