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I think the jist of the post it was that the top D2 and D3 schools are committed to winning and put all the effort in to be contenders year in and year out just like top D1 programs (within the rules set fro D2 and D3) but if you don't think the top schools are bending rules with weight training and captains practices you are kidding yourselves. The same D2 and D3 schools are at the top just like UNC and Maryland are in D1.

As far as the perks and swag, that really has nothing to do with the play on the field

Swag is meaningless. I'm talking about the fact that these top D1 teams have staff on hand who's sole job is to find paid summer internships for the players. Have a separate staff member that is solely responsible for assisting in finding team members jobs post college. The academic support available at these schools is heads and shoulders above their D2/D3 peers as well.

There are some great schools that play D3 lacrosse. Tufts for instance is one of the best schools in the country. There is a place for everyone pretty much. Kids should do what makes the most sense for them. But the experiences are completely different. I've had kids at both.

I'd be interested in those schools where the team finds you a job post college because all the big name girls from our town are back living with their parents and are assistant HS coaches for $3k a year and still coaching summer lax because they don't have JOBS!!! We also know of 1 who is going back to school to be a nurse because the coach preferred she took an team approved major. It all depends on the school and what you are trying to get out of it.