Thanks in advance for any good advice.....

My 13 year has played lax for several years but never really took it that seriously. Now all of a sudden he wants to play travel lax. Looking for advice on which teams a new travel player might actually have a chance of making. So a program with B/C/really crappy A team. He is raw in lax but a great athlete in other sports. If he wasnt an athlete I wouldn’t waste my time or money.

Basically I realize the best lax players are on LI so I am looking to stay away from the top programs and couldn’t care less about tournaments. Looking for tryouts where the team isn’t already picked and there may actually be a chance for a new kid to make a roster. A club that will take a n athlete with lower level/mid level lax skills compared to most travel players and turn him to a lax player.

Not looking for team bashing, just honest advice.

PS We went to 1 tryout for a “new” team and the coaches seemed to already know a lot of the kids by name already. Safe to assume the roster is already picked?

Also, for these tryouts do they ever scrimmage full field? By doing everything in an area around 30% of a lax field it almost seems like picking a basketball team by playing 3on3. Or does it go back to what I have heard that most teams are already picked so the tryouts don’t really matter, they want money.