According to US Lacrosse, a major over-haul of youth rules are to be implemented in 2012

August 2011
The US Lacrosse Sports Science and Safety Committee finalizes its position paper. Taking into account input from the lacrosse and medical communities, the men’s and women’s game rules subcommittees forward age-appropriate, national playing rules for youth boys’ lacrosse and youth girls’ lacrosse to the US Lacrosse Men’s and Women’s Game Committees, respectively. The Men’s Game Committee schedules an Aug. 18 vote on the boys’ rules. The Women’s Game Committee schedules an Aug. 25 vote on the girls’ rules. Game subcommittees begin working with staff to drive adoption of the youth rules through youth leagues and tournaments across the country. US Lacrosse schedules a photo and video shoot for the new youth rules and best practices guidebooks.

September 2011
Lacrosse Magazine updates the US Lacrosse membership on the project. The US Lacrosse Board of Directors meeting is set for Sept. 10-11 in Baltimore, and included on the agenda is a vote on the new youth rules as approved by the Men’s and Women’s Game Committees in August. Passage by the board would then move the project into the implementation phase for the spring 2012 season. Rules are scheduled to be published in various US Lacrosse media. Production on new youth rules and best practices guidebooks for boys and girls is scheduled to begin. Approved US Lacrosse youth rules also will be published in the NFHS boys’ lacrosse rule book and in the US Lacrosse Official Rules for Girls’ and Women’s Lacrosse book.

Fall 2011
Lacrosse Magazine and other US Lacrosse media continue their coverage of the new youth rules, including rule changes and video instruction posted to

December 2011 - January 2012
US Lacrosse member youth coaches, officials, administrators and parents receive, as an additional benefit of membership, the youth rules and best practices guidebooks. The books will be available for free to the general public in PDF format on

Spring/Summer 2012
All 2012 US Lacrosse youth events would be played under the new rules.

Does anyone know if these rules are posted for public viewing? I read the issue of age or grade was to be addressed.

Any further info available?