Several of our BOTC Threads have drifted into a discussion of tryout fees assessed when players are considering new clubs. Unlike Long Island's Youth Soccer scene, the local Lacrosse scene routinely assesses fees ranging from $25.00 to in excess of $100.00 with most clubs around the $50.00 mark.

Some of those in favor of these fees mention that it guarantees a higher quality tryout experience since the evaluation is more like a pure training session. Forcing all of the players at a tryout to share the cost of staging the event (as opposed to only accepted players picking up the cost) has also been cited as a reason for these tryout fees.

The arguments against tryout fees are more easily identified. From "open tryouts" where teams have already been selected to viewing tryouts as a fund raiser, for-profit tryouts impose a consumer fee for unknown gains.

So, BOTC would like to know your views. Are you comfortable with tryout fees? If so, what do you consider acceptable pricing? Would you consider more clubs and tryouts if the fees were lowered? What services do you expect as a result of attending a tryout? Do you think there should be more transparancy in the selection process?

Please offer your views on these questions and others related to "Tryout Fees".