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Looks pretty accurate, but two questions:

(1) What was MadLax's summer record against the bottom six teams? Assuming all teams at full strength, I think on any given day, Looneys, Crabs, VLC, and BLC would/could play MadLax even, so I would rank MadLax somewhere between 3 and 5, but not 2.

(2) Same question about 91 - what was their summer record? I would have put them near the bottom on par with FCA and NextLevel, not the middle.
This summer Madlax was 3-1 vs. Looneys, 2-0 vs. 91, 1-0 vs. FCA and didn't play the others
Thanks for that data. I think when MadLax returns to competition you will find Looneys has gotten better and FCA has gotten worse; not sure about 91.