This year more than the previous seasons, we are seeing a large number of High School Sophomore verbal commitments being made. Our BOTC Boys 2014 thread recently brought this issue again to the foreground.

Boys 2014 Fall 2011/Spring 2012

Two very interesting discussion points thus far from our registered readers. Is the youth lacrosse scene pressing too early for collegiate decisions or is this just a great vehicle for locking-in to a better school and therefore releasing Junior and Senior Year stress?

What's Your View?

Originally Posted by 429lax
I don't understand why sophomore commitments are being posted. I also don't understand how a sophomore is mature enough to make such a commitment. Seems the NCAA feels the same way, hence the recruiting rules.

I do understand the excitement and pride these players feel and deservedly so. I just think this adds unnecessary pressure to an already intense decision. I think the College Coaches have the responsibility to come up with a better way of acknowledging their interest in a player. Instead of "VERBAL COMMITMENT" maybe they should say "mutual interest". I bet George Carlin could have written a great bit on this.

Originally Posted by Powderfinger
I pretty much agree. I can't say I'd be comfortable with my 10th grader commiting to much of anything. Yes, it's nice to be wanted and certainly nice to get rid of the stress of deciding, but still. It's a big decision with two years before fulfillment, lots of things change in a teen's life in two years.