Wanted! Girls HS Varsity Lacrosse Coach (Spring Season) - Brooklyn Technical HS


The position is part time. Coaching and game day duties are fully in-person and requires reporting to the physical location.

Indoor training: Brooklyn Technical H.S. 29 Fort Greene Place Brooklyn, NY 11217

Outdoor training: Brooklyn Technical Lacrosse Field, 452 Clermont Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238 (No lights)

Practice has typically been held from 3:45-6:00pm. Coach has discretion to call practice time, relative to lighting conditions and coordination with other seasonal teams using the field.

Games require early dismissal from school, and coach-shepherded travel on private charter bus (or by subway) to game and return to school.


Experience coaching (age appropriate)

Knowledge of the rules of play for girls lacrosse

Responsible; Good role model


Duties include but not limited to working with PSAL staff to:

1. Properly educate students through participation in interscholastic sports

2. Organize and train student-athletes for interscholastic competition, according to the rules and regulations set forth by PSAL.

3. Conduct daily workouts according to accepted practices and principles of coaching

4. Adhere to standards of coaching ethics established by the PSAL

5. Attend all competitions according to the PSAL schedule for the sport

6. Perform all administrative tasks assigned by the PSAL, school principal and school athletic director, specifically including the submission of all internet-related documents to the PSAL in a timely fashion.

7. Attend all mandated events and clinics.


An eligible coach is certified by the NYCDOE or already an employee of the DOE.

The following NYCDOE employees are eligible to serve as PSAL Coaches:

· NYSED certified physical education teachers

· Other NYSED certified teachers with coaching qualifications* (see below)

- Teachers: all K-12 subjects (e.g. English, math, etc.); or NYSED Initial, Professional, Permanent, Internship/Transitional Certificates; NYSED Transitional B Certificate; Board of Examiners credential

- Pupil Personnel Providers* (Social Workers, School Psychologists, Guidance Counselors, Attendance Teachers)

- School Supervisors* (Principals, Assistant Principals)

*All NYSED certified teachers (except Physical Education Teachers)/Pupil Personnel Providers/School Supervisors must complete:

(1) an approved course in Philosophy, Principles and Organization of Athletics in Education within two years from the date of initial appointment as a coach;

(2) a course on Health Sciences Applied to Coaching within five years of appointment as a coach; and (3) also, within that same five years, complete a course on Theory and Techniques of Coaching the sport or sports for which he/she is appointed.

All of the above employees must also have:

(1) current/valid first aid training;

(2) current/valid adult CPR (minimum of 4 hours);

(3) AED training;

(4) Concussion Protocol training prior to all coaching activities.

Application Instructions:

Please send resume to the Brooklyn Technical High School Athletic Director, Mr. Cicolini Acicolini[Censored].nyc.gov