This is not the only reason why lacrosse is called "fastest on both feet". There are many reasons why lacrosse has earned this illustrious title. The most notable of these are described below.

The Essential Role of Speed ​​in Lacrosse Strategy
One of the more prominent reasons why his lacrosse earned its nickname is the essential role of speed in lacrosse strategy.

Speed ​​is the most important thing in lacrosse. Every strategic element of the game supports this fast-paced playstyle from top to bottom.

For example, attacking strategies are based on evading past defenders on the ball, forcing defensive rotations, and exploiting defensive weaknesses. The spark that ignites all of this is a quick dodge. Speed ​​and acceleration are essential to effectively fending off defenders in the sport of lacrosse. Without speed, it's pretty hard to make a successful attack. Speed ​​is also required in defense. Defenders need to react quickly when the ball is in motion and the players are in motion. The gap between the ball and his carrier must be quickly closed to prevent the opponent from scoring.

Essentially, the basic lacrosse plan requires all lacrosse players to jog or sprint whenever they are on the field. That's because the ball rarely stays in one place. If they lack the stamina to keep up, they are most likely on the bench. This is the score before and after the game.

The Lacrosse game is a high-score venture. An offense can amass a good number of points
in a very short amount of time.

Lacrosse is similar to hockey and soccer in many ways, but the scoring percentage is not the only one. While hockey and soccer teams score fewer goals per game, many lacrosse teams average 10 or more goals per game. If you don't believe us, here are the stats for the 2018-2019 D1 Lacrosse season. A significant hit rate is primarily due to the speed and efficiency with which criminals process their possessions. Preventing a relatively small ball from reaching the depths of such a large net is very difficult for the defense.

This is disappointing for defenders, but it's what players and fans want to see. speed kill. It may be a cliché, but it's true in this sport. Fast scoring in lacrosse games is a direct result of this phenomenon.

Freedom of Movement
Additionally, lacrosse players are free to move around the field while in possession of the ball. This freedom of movement allowed lacrosse players to run fast and free, speeding up the game dramatically.

It is difficult for defenders to take possession of the ball. It becomes very difficult when the opposing team has world-class attackers.