For Athletes
Let's get down to business. You've just started playing and you're looking at all his lacrosse positions on the field and wondering where you fit in. He may think he's suited for a certain position, whether it's an attacker, midfielder, defender or goalkeeper, but depending on his skills, his body, his style and his mindset, he could be better elsewhere. Let's take a look at lacrosse positions and see where you can best practice.

Not only must you have exceptional racket skills, but you must also be a killer on goal. You have to face it head-on and you have to support it. You can't be afraid to put your nose in the action. That's what makes a good lacrosse attacker.

racket has to handle great, but first and foremost you have to be a runner. A lacrosse midi builds everything by running up and down the field, so it needs to be lengthy, but most importantly, it must be able to pass through rocks effectively. Although he can take some shots on goal, his main role as a midfielder is to pass the ball to the attackers and let them take shots. You can't be selfish here. So if you want to pass the ball and get ahead in the game, the Midi is for you.

This is his position as the backbone of the lacrosse team. If you like to put your helmet in the middle of the action and not be intimidated, the Defender might be for you. You can be taller and less mobile here. You don't have to have good stickwork, but good aggression. If you consider yourself an enforcer, defense is probably your style.

Hand-eye coordination is important in this lacrosse position, but skill and speed are also essential. Regardless of your stickhandling skills, if you can get in the way of the ball and stop it from entering the net, you will be at your best as a goalkeeper.

if you have limited skill but can draw quickly, you can qualify as a FOGO. (It stands for Face Off and Get Out, by the way.) All you need to do in this position is win the showdown. If you're just practicing pinch, pinch and rake and you're fast enough to dodge it over and over again, you can literally come face-to-face, win, and get the ball to your team. Then exit the field.