There are several reasons why you have not yet been recruited by a lacrosse team:

First, you may not have enough sports experience & are not eligible to be recruited by a or any colleges.

Many teams are looking for players with experience and knowledge of the game and each team and each division is different. Some teams are rebuilding which could affect the process and some colleges like Navy & Army can accept verbal commitments while a player is in the sophomore season. Division 1 and 2 are much more competitive with strict bylaws as to when a player is permitted to be 'evaluated/recruited' & "verbally commit" to a college which is after September 1st of their Junior Year while Division 3 is much more lenient.

Second, they may lack certain physical attributes that are important for the sport, such as: Speed, Agility, or Strength.

Third: Make a Highlight Recruiting Video and get it posted on all of the different platforms

Now-a-days, most club teams incorporate a Online Recruiting Profile but, not all do and certainly not with a Recruiting Video included which is vital. Many companies can help make a Highlight Recruiting Video such as TD Sports, Recruiting Tape, CruitCast and many more and then you want to distribute it across Social Media on your personal page along with pages like BOTC in addition to adding it onto the different recruiting company's platforms such as Field Level, SR and many more. This will only increase your chances of being seen by college coaches who proactively search those platforms,

Lastly: Be proactive and Email the College Coach that you know will be attending an individual &/or a Team Showcase a week or two in advance.

By emailing the coach that you will be 1) be in attendance, 2) wearing Jersey # _, while 3) playing on Team #/Name for a specific showcase (Individual or team event), it shows that you are trying to stand out & express your interest in their program. So, look up their email address on their universities sports page and include what is written above along with why you want to play for their college, and this will only help your chances of being recognized.

After all, you may not have the chance to show your talents to potential recruiters and coaches by playing in tournaments as it depends on the level of merit, field layout and number of college recruiters in attendance; .[/b] SEE THE BOTC Events tab and/or our SHOWCASES/TOURNAMENTS Thread found under the Forums section for a list of upcoming Individual Recruiting Showcases & other recruiting events this year! Our sponsor College Bound Laxers (CB Laxers)[/b] has over 12 different recruiting events on Long Island, Westchester & also in MD - Check out the CBL individual recruiting showcases including their prestigious #UnD1sputed Showcase, by going to [b]!

Ultimately, it's important to keep practicing, hone your skills, and find ways to showcase your lacrosse talent at reputable individual lacrosse showcases, prospect days and playing for a club team that attends Team Recruiting Events such as the TopLacrosseTournaments (ran by Legacy Lacrosse) for a few Elite Team Showcases on Long Island.