Ok, I wasn't the original post-er but I DO work for NXT and while I appreciate the free publicity on here I would like to say that not only am I dumber for the 10 minutes I have been on here but the below "cut and paste" is a total fabrication! We NEVER allow players to play on multiple teams unless cleared by the tournament directors before the start of the tournament.

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NXT rules for both our Spring League and tournaments clearly state that a player can only play on one team. Does not matter if a players plays up, down, or sideways.............you can only play for one team. Brotherly Love has been spoken to about this violation.

Stop pretending that you work for NXT. Here are the rules cut/pasted right from their website. What a bufoon.

No player may compete or be rostered on more than one club/team during the
tournament. (i.e. cannot play for Team Vermont and Team New Hampshire in the
same tournament. You may however be rostered on a U9 team and move up to play
U11 if need be. You may not, however, play down a division). Any team with a player
in violation of this rule will forfeit all games in which the player has participated in and
will not be permitted to play in the playoff rounds.