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I have a call to all Madlax Parents. We as a group from 2017 down to 2024 need to do something to clean up the image of our owner. I was at a college game the other day and was talking to a Dad of a U9 age player. He asked me about my son and who he played for in the summer. I told him Madlax and we have played there for a number of years. His first sentence was "is that the club with the owner and the email." I spent the next 5 mins in line talking him down and explaining why this story is still out there at all times. At the time of the email when the owner decided to say nothing and hope it just went away I new it was a bad idea. And now what 4 years or even 5 years later its still on the mind of a U9 dad. I explained to him that the other coaches in this program are all great guys who know the game as well as anyone. And I explained the other side of the email story that was not posted on the site. All must remember that the deadspin article only had the emails from our owner to him. They left out all emails and phone calls from this father back to him. But I move on. This issue needs to have a end. How it ends I do not know. I am aware this gives a opening for the others to chime in and call the owner all kinds of names. But us Madlax parents need to be proactive in talking up letting people now we are still the best option in NOVA emails or not.
Sorry for your organization...