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If you are a CRABS parent of an uncommitted player, you have to be anything but thrilled with the recruiting tournaments your son is in this fall. The Famous Autumn Classic. Really, the Famous Autumn Classic. Famous for being a terrible tournament even for the youth teams. This is the same weekend that all the other respected clubs will be in Philly or at the BIG 12 in MD. If you don't think it is a joke, check out this first rate line-up;


2017 - Crabs, VLC, API Select, EDGE, Breakers

2018 - Crabs, VLC, Elev8, EDGE, Breakers

2019 - Carolina Cannons, Crabs, VLC, Elev8, Elevation, Breakers

So why would this happen....oh wait, this is a CRABS run tournament. I guess CRABS play in the best tournaments if they don't hav etheir own 3rd rate tournament going on. What a shame. Freshman and sophomore CRABS parents, better ask for advice from older CRABS parents on how to navigate the recruiting game, because it seems that CRABS have changed from quality to the hunt for $$$ and so-so competition. GOOD luck! But hey, if this doesn't get it I am sure the Towson tournament will work out for you.

Hey. You hate/envy the Crabs. We get it.

While most people would agree that the NXT Philly Fall Showcases get a ton of coaches and are better events than the Famous Autumn Classic, FAS had a lot of coaches last year. Everyone who plays for the Crabs gets plenty of looks and they play in the best events, including the Crabs' own Crabfeast.

Lots of clubs have their own clubs play in their own their own tournaments. Look at Madlax. They make their teams play in those terrible tournaments in the middle of nowhere against terrible competition in front of absolutely nobody.

That is wrong again they make there 2020 and yonger play in them. The top 2019 teams and older play in the best of the best. And we know they are looking earlier and earlier at kids the 2020 starts this summer not this fall. The youngest age is still 2019 for what the colleges are looking at.

Nope. They make their HS teams play in this terrible tournament that nobody attends.