The inherent dangers associated with a heavy rubberized lacrosse ball striking a youngster are always present and occasionally tragic news follows. Is there anything to be said about equipment and safety here - or is this just inherent to the game? What are your views?

Twelve-Year-Old in NY Killed by Blow to Chest

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle has reported that 12-year-old Tyler Kopp (Brighton, NY), a seventh-grader at Twelve Corners Middle School, died after being hit in the chest by a lacrosse ball.

Tyler "died at Strong Memorial Hospital, where he had been treated ... about 6:45 p.m. Thursday [after sustaining the blow during] a game at Unity Health System Total Sports Experience in Gates.

"After Tyler was hit, he collapsed to the floor and stopped breathing. Although an off-duty Rochester firefighter administered mouth-to-mouth rescuscitation until a Gates Volunteer Ambulance crew began delivering aid four minutes later, Tyler never regained consciousness."

According to the report, an automated external defibrillator was not used, and it was unknown whether one was available. AEDs are often present, and in places required, at athletic venues in order to deal with commotio cordis, a potentially fatal disruption of the heart's rhythm that can occur as result of blunt force to the chest.