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Why would any player verbally commit early and not keep listening to other offers?
Establishing a verbal commitment does nothing but secure a roster spot and the player/family should keep an open ear for other and potentially better offers. Typically, a college coach who is able to put their very best offer on the table early will keep the family engaged and will end the college search process.

A verbal commitment is not binding from either side, but BOTC Industries has always recommended that the player tell a college coach immediately when a university has been ruled out. Remember that roster spot (and money) can then go to another player interested in attending that institution.

The reason to accept an offer early without money would be where a candidate is in the bottom quartile of the university's typical freshman year acceptance pool. In these situations, the head lacrosse coach might have a certain number of exemptions available to hand-selected candidates. Armed with an exemption, the coach can walk the student through the entire admissions process including discussions with financial aid. Again, this depends on the player's passion for the school, academics, and athletics over and above other financial considerations.