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So LI UA (YJ) teams travel to tourney only to lose again. LI Command can’t even get to finals. LI Highlight gets whipped in finals by Balto. Glad to be out of that nonsense but see that the picking of YJ players is not the solution. A lot of hype but in the end marginal players who can’t win. Picking YJ b players over other deserving A players continues and probably will until LI decides to send their best players.

Guess what.. when you make it to the final game.. someone has to lose. Tip your hat to the Baltimore team, they executed on all levels.. it was a two goal game mid-way thru the 2nd half so it wasn't necessarily a blow out.. the last Balt goal was with 2 seconds left to make it 11-6. LI Sent a good team, it wasn't up to the task but they got themselves to the final game.. what more do you want.