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1- IIRC Balt went up 6-1 and then cruised the rest of the way... while true, it was a 2 goal game with about 20 min to go, it didnt get closer but but to say LI wasnt in it or had no chance is wrong
2-The game was not even close...Balt lead from wire to wire.. but LI had chances
3- Baltimore won just about every draw and played very well... all true
4-LI just needs to get it together and pick the right players....ahh phooey, where are these superstars that were left home? LI was out coached, out schemed, out executed and in the end out played

5-pick the best players instead of the usual YJ marginal players... Id love to hear who you think was left off the team
6-And if your ok going there to have Balto double up the score then you are also the problem... Im fine with the effort put out, they didnt get the result.. thats it.
6-There were players picked that were not as good as other players who were cut... Please
7-Sorry if the truth hurts... I had a blast, was worth every minute..

8- Would have been a different game if Carol was the coach... while I wish that were true, I don't think i would have mattered

Maybe having half the team made up with 2022’s wasn’t a very good idea. Cmon..... have CR the coach. That ship sailed long time ago. Unfortunately LI recycles the same YJ HS coaches who have obligation to pick the YJ and HS players they coach. But doing the same notIntelligent thing every year and expecting different results well.... command not in top 4 and highlight loses again.

Baltimore had the same amount of 22's as the LI team.