GIrls 'Pick-up-Sticks' games

Who: An opportunity for girls going into 7th thru 9th grade in the fall. This is not for organized teams as the format will be mix-and match.

Time: 6:15 for stick pile; games to start 6:30 with referee's-so players must arrive at 6:10

Date: Every Thursday at Washington Street field

Cost: $5 per day-pay as you go(will cover ref fees)

Play: 12 v 12 with modified checking and three passes before shooting

Format for 'teams'-everyone will place their sticks in pile at 6:15 and the sticks will be picked at random to determine the teams; pinneys to be provided for use during the games; if teams have more than 20/side we will play 3 'halves' to allow palyers to have playing time; we will try and place players of equal skill together and against each other during field time

Bring a friend..come join us..nothing stressful but time to have fun and play.......

This is NOT just for Franklin Square lacrosse players..this is OPEN TO EVERYONE in the age group!!!