I just came home from the D1 finals and I really think if the girls game is going to grow we must fix the stall issue. I have an idea and I'm sure you will tell me what you think. Lets face facts, the 12 meter arc is basically useless, or at least can be put to better use. I submit that the 12 meter is done away with in favor of a 30 yard by 30 yard box, starting from the back line. That would give 10 x 30 yards behind goal line extended and 20 x 30 yards in front of goal line extended.Yes i know it is a very tight box, but it would promote more shots and make the game move along a little better. The refs could call it much like the the boys game. after a maximum of about 90 seconds after they cross the restraining line,if the attacking team is not trying to score then the refs call a stall and they must keep the ball in the box. It gives the defense a better chance to press the ball handler and if the O steps out of the box, or the ball leaves the box it is awarded to the D and a 4 meter cushion is awarded. Keep all the rest of the rules the same, no time limit to clear( if you can kill 5 min in your end then you deserve the stall). If the shot is saved and travels out of the box, or the D deflects a ball and it travels out of the box, the O has another 90 seconds max to run a play or a new stall is called. what do you think?