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Did not know legacy had a 2019 team
]You caught me, I guess I didn't see them get beat by Beach Bums by like 7 or 8 goals. If I'm not mistaken, the girls only have 2 teams, so let just say the older team. It's funny how you now talk about being catty when for months it was you parents saying how T.G was through because Levy left with the teams best players, but now you don't want to lower yourself to my level... lol. The team needs a real coach, not a trick play pretender. Run from Legacy.

Your an idiot. Coach Levy is a proven excellent coach. You are an anonymous POS.
Really Hop, please tell me one "excellent" accomplishment Levy has. you may not like my opinion and that is fine, but for a moderator to start calling people names, I would rather be a anonymous P.O.S. that a known big mouth, [lacrosse] kissing, bullying , P.O.S. on a bully pulpit. No one said anything about a minor player or asked your opinion. If you don't like my opinion thats fine, but to call me a P.O.S. because of it shows how shallow narrow minded and disrespectful you are.