Stat Tap Lacrosse from the Apple App Store. Gives you a ton of statistics to choose for an offensive,defensive and goalkeeper positions. You enter the name of your child's team plus the child's name. It will list all the the games played in date order with the game score next to it. Stat tap Lacrosse lets you track one individual or multiple players. Each player gets there own profile.Everyone likes to know the score at a Lacrosse game and it is a right at your fingertips. It gives you the opportunity to enter the date of the game and opponent if you want. On the Home screen it will give you Season statistics as well as individual game stats after each game than you can email,print or text any stat to family and friends or even to yourself to track the progress. It gives you averages in each of the categories for the season.It does give a few stat areas you will never lose like (unforced error). But this is the third Lacrosse App I have used and I think so far it has been the best.Easy to set up for one or multiple kids Can use for more than one player since i have two kids who play basketball.Soccer,Volleyball,Baseball,Football are other Stat tap applications to use. it is rated 4+ and was last updated in November of 2011. It also has an easy to use Edit screen and the categories although abbreviations there is a help button on every screen to show you. It has a clear and easy to use display The App runs right now for $1.99. There is NO Lite version of this. I give it 4 of 5 stars. It takes a few seconds to enter the data so you don't miss too much of your child's game The only negative being too many unusable stats for lacrosse. I would recommend emailing your stats to yourself just in case you lose or damage your I-Phone,Ipod. Thanks hope this helps for you laugh