It looks like I'll be flying to two tournaments this summer and I'm seeking advice from those who've done this.

Usually I've got a trunk full of lacrosse gear, chairs, tents, and coolers which I can't be dragging behind me on an airplane. Right?

Do I just go to a Walmart and get a cheap chair and styrofoam cooler to be discarded when I leave or what? A collapsible cooler? I had one once and it leaked; I also don't think it offered the greatest insulation which, given the southern venues, I'm sure will be important.

What's the best way to fly with sticks? I really hesitate to check them in the soft-sided cases we already own. I've seen what the airlines have done to my hard-sided luggage and it's not pretty. The airline sites are pretty clear that the sticks must be checked, too, and can't be carried on.

Any travel tips from the experienced will be appreciated...