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Lets see what happens at WM middle schools next year. There is a good crop of 7th grade "Better" players who play travel who will MS ball play out and how will their playing time is a/effected.

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no, we play for WM. But I agree, those three schools are all very strong-

We know a few boys on each team as the result of club teams...

If smithtown goes to one HS, they will be terrific...

those 2 WM middle school teams were really good too

Where a boy plays outside of school has not affected anyone at the JHS. 7 of the 10 boys who start on the "A" line play for Private Club Teams and one of the other starters played for a private club last year. All of the Starters are 8th graders. The majority of the 7th graders who start on the B line play for Private Clubs.

Not sure of the exact numbers at the other JHS but at least a few of the starters on the A Line play for Private Clubs. The 7th graders who Start an the A line play for private clubs.

Ward Melville Varsity has at least 7 or 8 boys that have played for Private Clubs many of them start or see a lot of playing time.