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Coach: Kristen Cornicello
Key players
Emily Nitzberg, M, Sr.
Taylor Nelson, M, Sr.
Gabrielle Berger, M, So.
Sabrina Damaghi, A, Sr.
Haley Nelson, D, Sr.
Outlook: Return most of their starters and have promising additions in sophomore goalie Kyra Charton and eighth-grade attack Ariella Lerner.

Congratulations to this eighth grader - tremendous achievement. My question is - How are some schools allowed to make a policy that 8th graders can not play varsity while other schools allow it - like this school? If the state allows it, shouldn't the school be required to comply? Our school does not allow it to happen.

If she is playing competitive travel lax at a high level (which I assume she is) then she can certainly fit in with the high school kids in conference V and probably excel at a high level. I am always concerned about the "social issues" that can arise in having a kid this age spending time with kids 4 to 5 years older in age. This is something the school and parents need to monitor and hopefully are.