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Just recently I backed my son off of going full speed lax all the time and gave him about a month and a half off before he started playing again. He looks great and he looks like he is revitalized and more focused and energized when hes playing. I think the time off really helped him. I think the more different sports they play the better and I would say definitely pick and choose the showcase/tournaments and clinics they are doing. It can all be too much. They need to time to relax and be kids. Its unreal how every day a new clinic/showcase and/or tournament shows up.

This is so true. There are waayyyy too many clinics and leagues popping up. Play lax in season with a winter league thrown in if time permits. Play other sports and be a kid! You parents that are listening to these coaches telling you it's all lax all the time you are being PLAYED! Save your money and take a vacation and spend some real quality time with junior.