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made a lot of enemies of families on Looneys, 91, Madlax, DCE etc

Seriously? It's 8th grade lacrosse.

Yes, seriously. News flash - parents of elite 8th grade lacrosse teams take the success of their son and his team EXTREMELY seriously and personally. it is actually kind of funny that you would come on this forum and pretend to be surprised by that.

It is ridiculous to be surprised by it, but it's OK to be amused by the elite-ness of the parents whose sons hit puberty first, and though 5'6" now, will be 5'6" forever, as the "non elite" kids with similar skills per pound, keep moving up in the world.

BTW, the first case is me. I played HS JV in 8th grade at 5'7". Bussed me up from the middle school for practices and games!!!!! There was so much talk and potential. This happened for other athletes in other sports as well.

By 11th grade I was 5'8" and cut from varsity. 1st line kid was 6'1" and 2nd line kid in my spot was 5'11" and the HS football QB. My work ethic (without coaches or parents over my shoulder) was garbage, I was burned out, and the kids I had been beating for years, got bigger than me and "almost as skilled" so that was the end of that.

So guess what, for about 1/3 of the 8th grade "elite kids", that freight train is coming for you as well.

Hard work beats puberty lol