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Ok here we go. In 2022 Mercy lost to MDS, RPCS, and JC. Need more be said. Enough with adding them to the A conference. Stop the dreaming Mercy mom and wake up.

You are the one that needs to wake up! ALL teams should have an opportunity to play in A- it is the most fair thing to do !

This is an unfortunate position to take. I understand wanting to play tougher teams, but if you want to quickly destroy your program, then you should move up to the toughest conference in the country so your team can get demolished every week. Players will choose another school and you will see your program (and your school's enrollment) suffer.

Teams change, school enrollment demographics change. Schools need to be able to move between conferences, especially for the smaller-participation sports, like volleyball and golf. Some schools are powerhouses for a few years, then fade, and the teams need to be able to move to a lower conference to compete on a fairer level, then move up again.

That being said, parents lobbying for their school's team to move up usually know very little of recruiting, enrollment trends, and the challenges faced by admissions people and coaches in sustaining a quality program over multiple seasons.

Your post demonstrates a lack of understanding of how this stuff works. Is is about fairness, yes, but what you are asking for isn't fairness; it is for the IAAM to become an irresponsible steward of their constituents' programs and to turn what is a complex and pretty well organized athletic conference into a free for all.

Not gonna happen.

In my line of work and/or life in genral, you only get better by going against the best.
Maybe Mercy can move up, the nuns can throw lots of money at some new recruits. etc. The school is positioned in the city so its more central than Gerstell or Severn or JC.

I agree - playing stronger teams can help a team improve. Getting decimated is another story.

Perhaps the coaches of the B level teams can arrange a preseason scrimmage or two against some A level teams with the purpose of improving their players. I don't think most A level coaches would refuse that offer, so long as the game didn't get chippy and get players hurt.