most of them are on age, they have 4 holdbacks[/quote]

That's a clever way of saying the team is almost entirely born prior to 9/1 2007 and it's not against the rules because they are in 8th grade. However, most of those kids delayed entry to school prior to 1st grade and 4 of them actually repeated a grade and are considered a holdback.[/quote]
Wow. Your reading skills are terrible. It said that most are on age (born after 9/1 2007). Only 4 are born before 9/1.[/quote]

It doesn't say that at all and it's you who doesn't understand and can't read. There is no age restriction in HoCo, therefore they are on age. There is zero chance only 4 players on Crabs are born prior to 9/1/2007, zero. In 2018, Crabs had 3 8th graders turning 16 prior to entering 9th grade on the roster. My suspicion is this team has 4.