Stats are always subjective, if you are on a very skilled team, usually you will see the points( goals and assists ) spread out. Multiple players scoring every game , because they are playing smart team lacrosse.
Then you might get the kid who has big numbers, but the rest of the team doesn’t , one player does all the scoring. This could be by design, or that player is a ball hog.
Then you get the private school stats, usually they play inferior talent and run up the score and pad their stats. It’s always funny when you see the private school boasting their kids stats vs some start up private school lacrosse team. It’s easy to check and see who the players scored against during the season, that will indicate if they are legit or not. Scoring 7 goals against the worst team in the conference, or did they score against the best team in the confrence. Additionally there are many stats that don’t get recorded that are very important, ground balls, offensive ground balls, defensive ground balls, draw controls, defensive take aways, shooting percentage.