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Top Showcases for 2024 (No Order)

The Show
Five Star
One Percent

As someone who just went through this and has a son (2023) committed to the Patriot League I have to say Juniors started everything for my son because it was the first and so well run. It was the first event that I ever attended where only one game at a time was being played and EVERY D1 coach was there and basically all HEAD COACHES not assistants to the assistants. They were all watching one game at a time and I thought that was huge. Also bc it was first the coaches were excited to watch HS lacrosse and they were all socializing with each other. This waned as the summer went on and you can see and feel it on the sidelines. After a few weeks the coaches want to get home and are less interested and start to move from field to field - again something that Juniors didn't have. My son went to Main Stage/Five Star/One Percent/Lax Nationals as well. Did not go to Showtime bc it was the day after Juniors. I could see that after Juniors there were some coaches that were watching my son at different events bc of Juniors. They would specifically come to some of his tourney games (not showcases) and this was aided by letters to the coaches telling the coach what events my son was going to. He sent all the letters and gave details as to fields etc... Didn't really feel Five Star or One Percent moved the needle at all and not one coach reached out saying they saw him at that event but they did for Main Stag/Juniors and Lax Nationals. I don't know anything about The Show or Exposure (new events?). The one thing I will say is that at one of the events Gerry Byrne (coach at Harvard) spoke and he along with a cpl of other coaches said that their favorite events are the ones that the boys play with their high school teams (NHSLS/GEICO etc . . ) and that they value those above all others. They said it was the best lacrosse and that there was less ball hogging and hero ball and much better lacrosse to watch. Hope this helps for what its worth.