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Just play well for your club, the sidelines will be full of coaches. Attend the prospect days of the schools you really like, other schools attend those prospect days as well. My son committed to Holy Cross after being seen at the Yale prospect day.

This is true but not the norm. From my experience most prospect days are just a single school. Yes, the sidelines are full of coaches for the top teams but if your kid is not on one of the top tier teams, there will not be a lot of coaches watching. In this case Individual showcases are important for some.
The coaches are paid to be there. Be honest with sons ability and try to place him the right showcases.. One of my kids attended a showcase that had D1, D2 and D3 coaches. the talent level at the showcase was very good but was not elite. the D1 coaches were active in the beginning during the drills period. once the games started they could have cared less They knew only a handful of those kids had what it took to play D1. The D2 and D3 coaches were very involved and checking their roster sheets. My point is it was a great showcase for most but the small handful of kids that had elite talent it was a waste. The coaches want to see your kid compete against elite talent for D1. D2 and D3 want to see your kid compete against talent that is equal to that level. I'm not trying to put down D2 and D3 (one of my kids plays D3) but the talent level between a top D1 school and say Suny Farmingdale or Suny Cortland is a huge difference