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25-35 percent maybe a little higher for lower D1 schools. Only 12.6 scholarships available
12.6 scholarships per team.
Split that up over 4 (now 5+ classes) and it leaves 2-3 scholarships per recruiting class.
Not a lot of money to go around. As the poster above said- dont worry about the money, use lax to get into a better school.

If that’s the case would you consider ACC schools education better than BIG10?

No clue. Depends on your kid's own personal situation, area of study, academic history, high school grades, school reputation, etc etc.etc. There are a million factors.
Your kid might be an engineering student and RIT is a better school than some ACC or B1G. My kid might be a business student so OSU is better than UVA or UMD. Bob's kid might be a journalism student so Syracuse is better than Duke. Who knows.
Use lax to get into a better school/program/fit than your child could get into otherwise. You'll know it, when you start looking.