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What you look for in a college is first and foremost the academics.
Second is you have to love the coach and be on the same page.
Last is where do you see yourself fitting into the team because unlike high school you may not be the star or go to player.The team has to come first.Daddy isn’t pulling the strings anymore.
Just my opinion from a person who has gone through it twice.Both my kids played D1 lax.My son was probably better off at the D2 or D3 level.Thebfit means everything in the grand scheme of college lacrosse.

I wouldn’t put the coach up there as a priority simply because there are coaching changes all the time.

Where you see yourself fitting in to the team is also a big question mark considering the fact that the “team” will be different every year. Freshmen coming in, transfers coming in, transfers going out, injuries, players deciding to stop playing etc…

Not sure how many daddies are pulling the strings in HS.

So, you are saying it’s probably best to look at a school choice based on what you will be getting out of it academically!? Hmmmm! And, Lacrosse should be the door opener to a higher academic rated school, maybe the kid wouldn’t have had opportunity to attend otherwise? Makes perfect sense!