I think most people agree with this statement. 91 is very dominant at almost every age group. But this age group they are not. The reason is pretty simple. They kept kids that didn’t deserve a spot. As a result their top talent left and top kids stopped coming to tryouts because they knew they wouldn’t get a fair look. The team is good but not great. In the end it doesn’t matter[/quote]

91 got a new coach this year and over a 1/3 of their team is new. It is a totally different looking team than in the past. The statement above is 100% correct with tryouts in the past. Hopefully the situation is corrected.[/quote]

Curious if they're so good why they don't attempt to play in an A tournament? Maybe in the spring/summer. We shall see but I doubt it. I saw them play this year and they still looked very mediocre.[/quote]

So you saw them at a tournament, but they don't play A tournaments? You just sound like an angry troll.[/quote]

Actually it was the tournament at SUNY Farmingdale recently. There were varsity HS teams playing (my son). My interest was sparked when I saw the new coach on the sideline (Sal L) and was curious how they looked with him in command since he has coached nothing but top teams for 91. Like I said though, from what I saw I could not see them competing with the top teams (A teams) by the spring/summer. I wouldn't doubt that next year they will look pretty good with his coaching though. Honest assessment and hope that answers the troll question. Good luck.[/quote]

Were you watching the game against GC where they had their poles playing attack/middie and their attack playing D? They let up like 3 goals all day.[/quote]

They did this because it was all B teams they were playing against. I don't know which team it was. Like I said, I stopped for a few minutes because I recognized the new coach and wanted to see if the team improved under his command. My opinion is that the team hasn't improved too much yet. Wouldn't be surprised to see them improve but I believe that this spring/summer is too early for that. He's a great coach and I wish you luck.