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What is the rule re: age for club lacrosse?

Is it simply what grade you are in regardless of age?

From this forum it seems like madlax has a 13 year old 6th grader while I know a number of 12 year old 7th graders. Is the 13 year old “eligible” while the 12 year old is not? I can’t think of a sport that does it purely by grad year - it doesn’t make any sense to me.

How could you possibly not know the answer to this?

Trolls come in all shapes and sizes on botc.

Sorry holdback dad, He may be new to the useless USL and ridiculous lacrosse rules pertaining to clubs. Crazy how holdbacks are in such high demand. Yet , at the sidelines, not much actually said by their parents about their age. LOL

No I’m an on age dad. It’s just there have been about 89 posts on the topic on this forum. If your plugged in enough to know anything about botc than you know the answer to the question.
I’m just tired of the pointless drivel.

Agreed ...... other than pot shots and semi-humorous trolling, there's nothing to discuss on the topic until USL is able to exert some force on the topic.

And honestly for our 2028s, it will never matter. They are too old and they won't break up teams at their age. If the big clubs ever accept birth year rules, "starting next year, at 3rd grade and below" will be the asterisk they require.

I am an anti-holdback, on age dad but them's the facts.

Why I agree it has been beat to death, not saying anything does nothing except legitimize it more. holdbacks and their parents do need to be called out at youth level. Youth sports was never meant to be like this and for grown men to propagate it for their own interests ( parents or clubs) is disgusting.