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This is why public schools don't fail kids.

Everyone is an "honor student!"

Yeah the Private schools don't have grade inflation. LOL

They do.
But there's a reason why everyone from public school have honor roll stickers on their car. Everyone makes it.
And more often than not, public school kids GPAs drop when they hit private school.

I’d like to know where you get your “more often than not” data. It sounds like a “trust me bro…” source

It's pretty well known and not controversial, but it's not about actual course material (again, see 100-300 SAT point differences....not nothing, but not huge) as much as it is about the expectations that put the "prep" in "prep school." These expectations cause the boys' grades to go bump in the night on a regular basis, especially if they are not self-starters (most aren't) on Day 1.

Off the top of my head, and this is Gilman so your mileage may vary:

1) Expectation that even in 6th-8th grade private, the student is responsible for getting copies of all notes and assignments from other students in case of a sick day. No parental or teacher involvement. Parent emails generally ignored (your mileage may vary, donors!). Students have to schedule any makeup assignments on their own.

2) Expectation that if a question or assignment is unclear, the student will contact the teacher for clarification *before the deadline.*

3) Expectations for long readings and major projects that they are basically complete 2-3 days ahead of deadline without reminders.......creates a sort-of grade inflation situation where teacher can review draft reports, presentations etc and recommend last minute changes.......expectation that student takes the input and makes last minute / late night changes as recommended.

4) No reminders period about upcoming quizzes and tests that were previously announced.

5) Expectations that the boys can describe their work or project to the class, semi-accurately, with little or no notice.

If you know anything about 12-14 year old kids, you know those things are all potential land mines for good grades until they "get with the program" which sometimes is 2nd semester, sometimes, never.

And all are older than any public school kid for same grade. Does help to be a 7th grader doing 6th grader work.