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What is the rule re: age for club lacrosse?

Is it simply what grade you are in regardless of age?

From this forum it seems like madlax has a 13 year old 6th grader while I know a number of 12 year old 7th graders. Is the 13 year old “eligible” while the 12 year old is not? I can’t think of a sport that does it purely by grad year - it doesn’t make any sense to me.

Ha. So right. Makes zero sense.

USA lacrosse says September of 2009 puts you on the “U12” which has to be the equivalent of 6th grade. This means you have to be born after September 2009. The cutoff is specific in that it goes sept 1 - aug 31. It even has a chart to show where everyone should fall.

I guess club doesn’t follow USA lacrosse rules???